What lies 10 feet ahead

The sweet reward that should only be 10 feet ahead.

I was given some amazing advice back in 2009. “Focus on 10 feet ahead rather than what’s under your feet,” a friend once told me.  Although they probably don’t remember this conversation, or the book they read this in, I’ve held on to it for years and revisit it often.

“But What is 10 feet ahead?”I constantly ask myself.  During training runs, it’s dinner and a shower when I’m done.  During times of injury, it’s getting to run a pain-free mile.

But now I am in the training phase of the NYC marathon, I ask myself again, “What’s 10 feet ahead?” And I’m coming up short. So I went through the motivation checklist:

  1. New Clothes,
  2. New Shoes,
  3. Registering for other races.

But nothing seems to satisfy the sweet reward that should only be 10 feet ahead.

THEN it hit me.  For years, I’ve focused on these 10 feet as if that was where the ultimate reward was. But that’s not it at all.

Focus on the short distance ahead so that you notice where the sidewalk ends, or the construction cones are placed. But with every step you take, the 10 foot distance doesn’t shorten. It moves along with you, gives you a new object of focus, and motivates you to take another step.

No new Lululemon tank will be a match for the finish line in New York later this year, but it sure does make the journey there a little brighter. 🙂

So with that I ask you, what’s your 10 feet ahead? What are your mini-motivators along the way?


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