Sometimes I like to run naked

…Then I regret it.

Running naked isn’t a bad thing. It’s freeing and liberating.  To me it’s the best stress relief. There’s something about being constrained that absolutely defeats this purpose for me. It lets me test my ability without distractions.

Oh, you thought I meant actually NAKED? HA!

Running naked means running without gadgets.  No Garmin watch telling me when I’m ahead of pace, no Nike App calling out splits, nothing except me and the pavement. Just one foot in front of the other and the sound of the wind whistling past my ears.

…Not a care in the world until I realize I’m 15 miles from home and very lost.

This is when I realized that running naked is just as bad as it sounds.

I started running with my phone.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve pulled up MapQuest walking directions at dusk hoping I wasn’t too far to make it home by dinner.

Now I ‘ve learned to value the expensive high-tech runs.  I have no reservations about strapping on as many devices as I can hold. I’ve even bought a flip belt to hold the things I can’t physically hold, like this chunky Android phone, iPod, and Energybits tin.

In a matter of months I went from running tech-naked to carrying more accessories than a Kardashian.

But every now and then, on the cloudy days with bad GPS reception, I still secretly like to strip down and hit the pavement.  Shhhh….


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