Fill up the tank

…For the long road ahead.

UPDATE: Since drafting this post, I’ve been selected as a brand ambassador for the product.

Comment below for samples or with questions.

PromoCode: AJRuns

I began running with no accessories and some old sneakers. Little did I know that running involves more accessories and expenses than an entire year of college.

Watches and socks, fancy sports bras and organic moisture wicking tanks. The list goes on. Everyone has their brand preference and  can give you their two cents about which to use.

So here’s my story and stamp of approval on my favorite fueling brand.

I’ll confess, I’m a user. I use Bloks  and GU. I’ve tried all sorts of recovery shakes and powders and never truly believed in it. I never felt the difference between the 5 miles before sucking down a packet of GU and the mile or two after. Nothing pumped me up and gave me the energy it claimed to.

Then one day as I was reading through blogs learning about nerdy runner things like elevation and the spectator presence at the New York Marathon and I saw this product I’d never heard of before ENERGYbits.

I googled it. Made in the USA, all Natural, plant-based, and actually healthy.

After trying this product, I liked it so much that it’s now my fuel of choice!!  I use both Energybits and Recoverybits.

ENERGYbits don’t give me the sudden boost of energy that you’d find from a pre-workout supplement. Instead it leaves me focused on my goal-mileage for the training run.

RECOVERYbits are something that every runner should try. Recovery after running is so important and unfortunately, it is often neglected. These little bits have been able to help my recovery by significantly reducing the soreness after a long run or hill repeats.  It also gives me peace of mind that I’m refilling my tank with the nutrition that my body needs.


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