Then I learned to turn $0.99…

…into A Million Bucks!

I’m not a high maintenance girl. All my heels fit neatly in a shoe organizer. My clothes only take up one walk-in closet, a dresser, and an armoire in our condo.  I feel pretty wearing jeans and an old running tee to work. Like I said, I’m not high maintenance… until I switch into athlete-mode.

I never realized how expensive running is until two days ago.  Sure shoes and races cost a little money but I never accounted for running outfits.

  • Visor- $18
  • New Balance Singlet – $25
  • Oakley Sports Bra- $45
  • Brooks PureProject Shorts- $75
  • SmartWool Socks- $15
  • Brooks Ravenna 6- $110
  • Garmin 15- $139
  • JayBirds- $99

Total: $526

While wearing five-hundred twenty-six dollars worth of running attire and listening to my $100 iPod, I had the best run in months on Memorial Day.  There’s nothing quite like putting on all of your favorite things at once and getting a training PR in 89ºF weather.

Most would blame it on feeling great in light-weight, breathable, moisture-wicking, state of the art technology, blah, blah, blah, fancy clothing.

I blame my 5K PR on the Ninety-Nine Cent song that motivated me and made me feel like A Million Bucks!


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